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Mobile Solar Initiative Papers

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Other Papers and References

Holographic CPV Field Tests at the Tucson Electric Power Solar Test Yard.  Alexander D. Cronin, Jose E. Castillo, Paul Hauser et al.  Click here

On-Sun Performance of a Novel Microcell Based HCPV system Bases in Tuscon and Comparison with Conventional Systems.  Kanchan Ghosal, Scott Burroughs, Doug Lilly, et al.   Click here

Spin-Cast Polymer Mirrors.  K. Lisa Brodhacker, Terry Richardson, Kevin Babson, et al.   click here


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Important Links

Collins Foundation Press (CFP), San Francisco, CA:

Fenix International, San Francisco, CA:

Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Portland State University, Portland, OR:

Manna Energy Ltd., San Francisco, New York, et al,

Presidio Graduate School, San Francisco, CA:

Southwest Solar Technologies,

The SWEET Lab, The Sustainable Water, Energy and Environmental Technologies Laboratory, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Portland State University, Portland, OR:


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